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Vocal Toning

Sound Healing with Vocal Toning

Toning in your own voice is a very powerful tool for self-healing, relaxation, personal growth, opening your creativity, and helping to balance you and your life experiences. There is a healing power of sound in the vibration of the human voice that makes it very powerful. Vocal Toning is using your voice to express specific sounds that help you to release, balance, accept, or create, depending upon the sounds and your intent. Your intention and feeling it contain the power of what you are toning for and amplifies the power of the toning. As you focus on the now moment and your intention, repeating the tones over and over, allow these sounds to enhance your ability to release anger, fear, anxiety, jealousy, resentment, frustration, trauma, any of the lower destructive emotions, and stagnate or negative energy from you or your surroundings. When an area of the mind, body, or emotions becomes out of balance, it vibrates at an unhealthy frequency. It is this lack of harmony in the frequencies that can cause sickness, disease, and rob you of your physical vitality and mental peace and clarity.

Toning can help shift your mental, emotional and spiritual perspective and thought processes, opening your awareness to the endless possibilities that are available. It can also help improve your sleep, aid in your relaxing and handling the stress in your life, help your physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual levels, and life experiences to be brought into balance and resonate in harmony with each other, helping your human vessel and life to balance and heal itself. When you tone be aware you are not doing it just for yourself, as these frequencies are going out and helping to raise the frequencies of your family, loved ones, co-workers, anyone that shares your life experiences, even all of humanity, planet earth and all living creations in the earthly realm.

Toning also expands the bodyís ability to breathe deeply. This not only gives the body more oxygen but also expands all of your energies, opening the perfect flow of energy to help keep you healthy, making this a great preventive measure and aid in your healthy and peaceful longevity.

This is not a hocus-pocus theory. It has been scientifically studied by many around the world including Mitchell L. Gaynor, M.D., a leading oncologist and director of integrative medicine at the Strang-Cornell Cancer Prevention Center. Dr. Gaynor states in his book The Healing Power of Sound, that "the very tools high-tech scientists have used to understand modecular biology are revealing that mind-body communication occurs on the deepest levels of cellular function. Based on my reviews of this burgeoning research, I have come to believe that mind and body are not merely connected, they are unified. I also believe that understanding mind-body unity is essential to recognizing how sound—which has vibratory effects on cells, organs, emotional effect on the brain, and which taps a spiritual dimension as yet undefined—is the next frontier in holistic healing."

Vocal toning is very simple to do.


  1. State your intention to allow all levels of yourself to resonate in perfect harmony with the frequencies of what it is you are toning for. Example: I allow all levels of myself to resonate in perfect harmony with the frequencies of "Being at Peace with Myself and My Life." Remember your intention and feeling it contain the power of what you are toning for and amplify the power of the toning.
  2. Make your inhale breath long, slow and as deeply as possible. With each inhale breath try to breathe a little deeper.
  3. Exhale slowly as possible allowing your tones to come out for as long as you can.
  4. Keep repeating this until you have completed your time for toning.
  5. Always end with gratefully accepting the fulfillment of what you have toned for.

When you tone allow yourself to tone in any key or rhythm, even to the tune of a song, whatever feels comfortable. This can change at different times depending on what your energies need each time you tone. You can tone in a quiet relaxing place, in the shower, driving a car, anywhere you feel comfortable doing it. You can even tone silently during stressful situations or where you canít comfortable tone out loud and feel a need to.

To help you get started with your toning I am giving you for FREE one of the most powerful tones in my book, Sacred Transforming Tones. The Sacred Tone is "Being at Peace with Yourself and Your Life," and is pronounced: AHH Â Ôôô AHH Â AHH.

You can hear how I tone "Being at Peace with Yourself and Your Life" by clicking here

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