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Rhonda Turner
Boise/Eagle, Idaho
More About Rhonda J. Rudolph-Turner

More About Rhonda J. Rudolph-Turner

Rhonda J. Rudolph-Turner

In 1979 I became certified in Acupressure and dedicated my life to helping others to find relief from their pain and suffering. I opened the Natural Health Center in Lakewood, CA and started my practice. As time passed a very powerful energy started flowing through me changing the way I did my sessions. Since that time I have studied and received certification in many different types of natural healing modalities, each one very powerful in their own way. They each have assisted in evolving my abilities and sessions, taking me on a journey that led to the discovery of the Sacred Energy Healing Space that resonates in Godís Loving, Pure and Perfect Frequency, that I now do my healing sessions in.

The modalities I have been trained in are Acupressure, Shiatsu, Foot Reflexology, Touch for Health, Therapeutic Touch, Reiki, Behavioral therapy, Pranic Healing, CranioSacral therapy, Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection, and Energy Expansion Therapy.

My experiences include appearing on cable TV and radio talk shows, sharing information about my work. I have enjoyed teaching classes in Acupressure, Foot Reflexology, Energetic Healing, and Energy Expansion Therapy. It has been my privilege to lecture for the National Health Federation, Kiwanis Club, Shiners Organization, Senior Service groups, and many women and church groups.

In January of 2002 I developed a serious heart condition and was not able to work for nine months. No matter what healing modality I tried nothing helped. In October of 2002, during an energy balancing session, a beautiful Angel stood at the side of the table and told me I was healed and it was safe for me to go to my doctor and get off the heart medication. At that moment I felt a rush of Pure and Perfect Energy flow into me and I knew without a doubt I was healed. When I left the session all of my physical energy, mental clarity, and feelings of being in perfect balance were restored and I was able to immediately return to my wonderful work. I did go to my cardiologist and he checked me out and confirmed that my heart was functioning perfectly and told me how to safely go off the medication I was taking. I have had no heart problems since that day.

The angel stayed with me and taught me how to go into the Sacred Energy Healing Space and allow Godís Loving, Pure and Perfect Frequency to flow through me and those that I am working with. I now take my clients into the Sacred Energy Healing Space for their healing sessions, allowing them to receive whatever they or their life experiences need to resonate in Total Peace, Wholeness, and Perfect Balance, allowing for the fulfillment of their highest potential and possibilities. I was also shown how to go into the Sacred Energy Healing Space and receive Sacred personal tones for individuals, and Sacred Transforming tones for individual needs and desires that anyone can use.

In 2005, through a vision I kept receiving and knew I had to follow, I relocated my home and practice to a slower paced area than I had been in. I was told that I was to now work on the multitudes through the internet with long distance healing, not just one on one in my office. As more and more people find their Total Peace, Wholeness and Perfect Balance it will assist to raise the frequencies of humanity and the earth as well. In this way you should not look at this as just working on your self but also as your contribution to the betterment of the rest of humanity and the beautiful earth that we inhabit.

I declare my intent and dedication to assist the multitude to resonate in their Total Peace, Wholeness, and Perfect Balance, allowing them to stay in the flow of their Truth, fulfilling their highest potential and possibilities for them and their life. And, through this process, help to raise the energy frequencies of humanity, planet earth and all living creations in the earthly realm. I am holding the vision and trusting that one day we will have Total Peace, Wholeness, and Perfect Balance on earth and for all.

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